General Questions

How do I know which roof rack is suitable for my car?

Most roof racks are made to suit a variety of vehicles, but with expert advice you can find the best one for your car and application. Roof Racks on the Run have 25 years experience on the Gold Coast/Tweed choosing and installing roof racks. We can offer advice and guidance to help you determine the best roof rack for your vehicle. Not only do we have this, but we have an online application that enables you to match the roof rack to your car. If you’re unsure which shape or size roof rack is best for you, contact us today.

Can I fit my own roof racks or do they need to be professionally fitted?

In some circumstances you can fit your own roof racks, depending on the fitting, but some applications need professional installation especially where drilling is involved. A professional fitment will ensure you don’t lose your roof racks or your load. Your warranty may be voided if the roof rack is not fitted by a professional installer. Enquire with us to see if you quality for free professional fitting with your roof rack purchase.

Why are you a mobile service?

We offer a mobile service to our clients to take the hassle out of purchasing a roof rack. This will help you by saving time and money … you don’t have to waste time waiting for your car to be ready. We don’t charge any extra for being a professional mobile service.

Do you have a shop?

While we don’t have a shop, by arrangement, you can come to our base where we keep stock and we can personally assist you by showing you a range of products.

What is my warranty?

Each product we sell has a different warranty period. Please carefully read your instruction manual before using any new roof rack or accessory.

If you drill holes in my car to fit permanent roof racks will it rust?

No, we galvanise the holes and use a special sealant. The metal filings after drilling are vacuumed up.

Will I get leaks in my vehicle from the roof racks?

No, by choosing the correct rack and having it professionally fitted will eliminate the possibility of this happening.

Roof Rack Accessories

How do I secure my load?

You must use non-stretching fastening straps. Some longer loads may require securing down at the front and rear. Using the wrong straps can invalidate your warranty. We sell a variety of straps, so please contact us to find the best option for your needs.

What kinds of acessories do you sell?

We sell a wide range of accessories including bike racks (roof mounting & rear mounting options), luggage boxes, trays & bags, and cargo nets. We also have a variety of products for carrying kayaks, canoes, stand up paddle boards, surf boards and fishing gear … we have solutions that take the hassle out of getting your craft down to the water. We also stock a range of lockable tie-downs.

Can I secure my load so it won’t be stolen?

With standard tiedowns anyone can walk up to your vehicle and remove your kayak or board without attracting attention. This can be a real concern. We stock a variety of lockable tiedowns designed to provide security and peace of mind when leaving your boards or kayaks unattended on roof racks.

Roof Rack Safety

Roof Rack Safety

When purchasing a roof rack, safety should be an important factor in your final choice of product. An ill fitting rack can become a dangerous liability on your vehicle. That is why it is important to speak to experienced sales staff before purchasing a Roof Rack.

With Roof Racks On The Run, you will be getting the benefit from our 20 years of knowledge and experience in the trade. Remember, once you have decided on what Rack system you want, WE COME TO YOU!. We can install all systems on site (weather permitting) while you get on with your job.

What maintenance do I have to do on my roof racks?

All bolt connections should be checked after driving a short distance when you first install your roof racks. Bolt connections should be checked again at regular intervals depending on road conditions, usage, loads and distances travelled. You should also check the roof racks each time they are refitted (eg, when cleaning or taking on/off the vehicle).

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