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Yakima Lock n Load

The Yakima LockNLoad Platform is now available pre-assembled and has more sizes and fits for more vehicles than ever! The innovative east-west slats enable you to carry all types of gear and built-in perimeter channels allow additional positions to mount your accessories.

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Part number
Platform A1240 mm1530 mm9820337
Platform B1380 mm1530 mm9820338
Platform C1380 mm1930 mm9820339
Platform D1430 mm2130 mm9820340
Platform E1240 mm2130 mm9820341
Platform F1570 mm805 mm9820342
Platform G1570 mm1390 mm9820343
Platform H1570 mm2130 mm9820344
Platform I1650 mm1390 mm9820345
Platform K1240 mm1390 mm9820347
Platform L1380 mm1390 mm9820348
Platform N1380 mm2130 mm9820373
Platform P1300 mm1930 mm9820375
Platform S1485 mm1530 mm9820378
Platform U1485 mm2130 mm9820380
Platform X1410 mm1390 mm9820383